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Communication ethics (CE) is a discipline that supports communication practitioners by offering tools and analyses for the understanding of ethical issues. Without question the speed of change in the dynamic information environment presents new challenges, especially for communication practitioners.

Ethics used to be a specialist subject situated within schools of philosophy. Today it is viewed as a language and systematic thought process available to everyone. It encompasses issues of care and trust, social responsibility and environmental concern and identifies the values necessary to balance the demands of performance today with responsibilities for tomorrow.

For busy professionals, CE is a dynamic learning and teaching process that encourages analysis and engagement with many constituencies, enhancing relationships through critical-creative thinking. It can be used to improve organisation performance as well as to protect individual well-being.

The aims of the Institute of Communication Ethics

ICE aims to:
  • formalise the study and practice in the fast growing field of CE and articulate the communication industries' concerns with ethical reasoning and outcomes.
  • provide communication practitioners and researchers with a centre to drive the study of ethical practice in communications.
  • develop specific tools, quality frameworks and training methods and provide them to its members; assess initiatives in related fields and offer guidance and ethics training for communicators.
  • offer qualifications that support the practice of communication as an ethical discipline underpinned by principles, rules of conduct and systematic self-examination.
Editorial Board

Joint Editors
Richard Keeble University of Lincoln
Donald Matheson University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Shannon Bowen Syracuse University

Reviews Editors
Mary Griffiths University of Adelaide
John Tulloch University of Lincoln

Editorial board members
Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen Catholic University Eichstaett-Ingolstadt
Raphael Alvira University of Navarra
Dusan Babic Media plan, Sarajevo
Mona Baker University of Manchester
Porfiro Barroso Computense University of Madrid & Pontifical University of Salamanca, Madrid
Jay Black Editor, Journal of Mass Media Ethics
Antonio Castillo University of Western Sydney
Ruth Chadwick Lancaster University
Saviour Chircop University of Malta
Clifford Christians University of Illinois-Urbana, USA
Raphael Cohen–Almagor University of Hull
Tom Cooper Emerson College, Boston, MA
Deni Elliott University of Montana
Chris Frost Liverpool John Moores University
Ted Glasser Stanford University
Anne Gregory Leeds Metropolitan University
Cees Hamelink University of Amsterdam
Paul Jackson Manchester Business School
Mike Jempson Director, MediaWise Trust
Cheris Kramarae University of Oregon; Centre for the Study of Women in Society
Takeshi Maezawa Former Yomiuri ombudsman, scholar/writer
John Mair Coventry University
Ian Mayes Former Guardian Readers’ Editor
Tessa Mayes Investigative Journalist
Jolyon Mitchell University of Edinburgh
Fuad Nahdi Publisher Q-news; Producer Channel 4
Sarah Niblock Brunel University
Kaarle Nordenstreng Tampere University
Manuel Parez i Maicas Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Ian Richards University of South Australia, Adelaide
Simon Rogerson De Montfort University
Lorna Roth Concordia University, Montreal
Karen Sanders San Pablo University, Madrid
John Strain Unversity of Surrey
Miklos Sukosd Central European University, Budapest
Barbara Thomass Ruhruniversität Bochum
Terry Threadgold Centre for Journalism Studies, Cardiff University
Stephen J. Ward University of British Columbia
Brian Winston University of Lincoln
James Winter University of Windsor, Canada

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