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The journal only accepts original papers which are not being considered by any other publication. They should normally be no more than 5,000 words and conform to the style of Ethical Space. They should begin with a 100-word abstract followed by six "keywords". Copy should be broken up with subheadings at appropriate places to indicate the development of the argument. Please submit to the editor, Prof Richard Keeble (rkeeble@lincoln.ac.uk), by email Word attachment. All papers submitted will be peer reviewed by two persons before inclusion in the journal. The editor reserves the right to reject any unsuitable manuscript without requesting an external review. Articles for inclusion in the "News and Views" section should be no more than 1,200 words.

Copy should be double spaced (including quotations and footnotes) with generous margins. The author should always retain a copy of the submission. The submission should also be accompanied by a note giving these details: name and title; full address for correspondence, telephone number and email address/es. Current and recent professional activities (publications, papers etc) should be given for inclusion in "Notes on Contributors" section.

References should conform to the following style: in text: e.g. Aitchison (1988: 23). Use "et al" when citing works by more than three authors (Bridges et al 1998). The letters a, b and c etc should be used to distinguish different citations by the same author in the same year (Bridges 1998a, Bridges 1998b)

Then in the reference list all references cited should be listed alphabetically. Thus:

Aitchison, James (1988) Writing for the Press, London, Hutchinson

Combs, James (1993) "From the Great War to the Gulf War", The Media and the Persian Gulf War, Denton, Robert (ed), Westport CT, Praeger pp 257-284

Paper in journal:
Dunnett, Sinclair (1996) "Advice to a young journalist", The Journalist's Handbook, October, No 17 pp 38-39

Conference paper:
Jobbins, Harold (2001) "Standing up to US imperialism", paper presented to Conference on Peace and Democracy in Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, August

Any notes should come at the end of the bibliography.

Authors should note that on acceptance for publication by the editor, their article may also appear at www.ethicalspace.org as the quarterly 'featured article' if selected. Additionally, the editor requests a digital head and shoulders photo from each published author.

Authors are expected to correct and return edited copy/proofs within three days of receipt. They will receive a free copy of the relevant issue. If you have any further queries please contact the editor.

Richard Keeble
Faculty of Media and Humanities
Lincoln University
Brayford Pool, Lincoln LN6 7TS
tel +44(0)1522 886940

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