Barnie Choudhury

The emperor's new clothes: Traditions in academia - who's fooling whom?

Barnie Choudhury examines the idea that traditional research and writing in academia are unsuitable in journalism teaching and practice today. He suggests that academics hide behind difficult language because they are not sure of what they are trying to say - and that, in many instances, academics over-complicate simple ideas to appear clever. He argues that in order to re-connect with a new generation of practitioner-academics, or 'hackademics', academia needs to change


Note on the contributor

Barnie Choudhury is a Principal Lecturer at the University of Lincoln. He is a former award-winning BBC correspondent and currently runs his own media production company. He is a Lay Advisor for the Department of Health's Equality and Diversity Council, sits on the boards of several charities and is the Chairman of AWAAZ, a mental health charity for South Asian communities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.