Judith Townend

Layers of consent

This paper argues that highly-developed television documentary-making techniques could provide a model more generally for journalists navigating the complicated process of obtaining contributors' consent.

Keywords: ethics of consent, television documentary, digital speed, media regulation


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Note on the contributor

Judith Townend is a lecturer in journalism at City University London and research associate at the University of Westminster. Her doctoral research, based at City University London's Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism, examines everyday media interactions with law, policy and regulation. She has authored articles in journals including Ethical Space, the British Journalism Review and the Journal of Media Law and presented at a range of academic conferences. She has recently contributed to a variety of online publications and worked for organisations including Dart Centre Europe and Index on Censorship. She is currently researching policy issues around media plurality and power as part of an AHRC-funded project at the University of Westminster.